Networking and communication events

Three international events on adaptation to climate change. International events are organized as part of the program of a major conference. The first event on food will take place in spring 2023 and the second in autumn 2023 in the context of the Barents Forest Forum. A third event will take place in 2024 on sustainable tourism.

Network meetings for adaptation researchers. The network meetings are organized remotely and invite participants from the previous ACAF network of researchers. The network will be promoted at all ACAF events and network meetings will be open to all interested parties. In particular, indigenous people and young people are encouraged to attend the meetings. The network meetings aim to learn about new solutions to climate change adaptation, meet researchers and students from the Arctic and Barents region, and seek new partnerships to build future research projects.

Arctic lecture series. With the support of the Natural Resources Institute, partner organizations, network member organizations and projects on related topics, an international remote sensing series open to all will be organized in 2023 and 2024. Lecturers will be invited from Arctic and Barents research institutions and will address the themes of the ACAF project.

Conferences and seminars. Project partners will participate in conferences on Arctic and Barents issues. Sessions and abstracts presenting the project and its results will be offered at the conferences. The project will also provide opportunities for participation of indigenous people and youth in these conferences. Other project activities will also be planned in conjunction with the conferences, such as meetings with stakeholder organizations, networking with other researchers or project team members. A travelogue of the conference, the results presented, and the discussions held will be posted on the project website and communicated via social media.

Key stakeholder organization meetings. The project and its results will be presented to key stakeholder organizations. Key stakeholder organizations include: the Saami Parliament, the Skolt Saami Village Assembly, the International Centre for Reindeer Husbandry (ICR), the Saami Parliamentary Council, the Saami Climate Council, the Saami Youth Council, the Barents Regional Youth Council, the Arctic Council/SDWG Working Group, the Barents Euro-Arctic Regional Council and research institutions in the Arctic and Barents region. The meetings also aim to network and seek partners for further funding. The project and its results will be presented at separately agreed Barents Euro-Arctic Council meetings and events in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

ACAF final seminar. The final international seminar will take place in late 2024 in a hybrid format. A wide range of stakeholders, researchers, civil servants, politicians, students and young people will be invited. The event is open to all. A joint workshop for young people and stakeholders from the Barents region will be organized in the margins of the final seminar.

Website maintenance and social media. The ACAF project will continue to update the previous ACAF project website ( with the content of the new project and will also use the social media platforms of the previous project for communication.


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