Youth and indigenous peoples’ involvement in climate change adaptation in the Arctic and Barents region (ACAF)  

The new ACAF project continues the work started in the 2019-2021 ACAF project that concentrated on networking and best practices in adaptation in the Arctic region. The new project will be running from October 2022 until December 2024 and it has been funded by the Finnish Foreign ministry as part of the Finnish Presidency in the Barents Euro-Arctic Council.

The overall objective of the project is to promote adaptation to climate change through networking and research in the food, tourism, and forestry sectors in the Arctic region, with a particular focus on the Barents region.

Specific attention will be paid to

1) indigenous peoples’ and indigenous youth participation and involvement in the design and practical implementation of climate change adaptation measures and the use of traditional knowledge to support adaptation actions;

2) involving and engaging young people living in the Barents region in the design and practical implementation of climate change adaptation actions.

The project will generate research data through surveys and group interviews on the views of indigenous peoples and youth in the Arctic and Barents region on climate change and the future of the region. The project will increase cooperation and networking among Arctic and Barents stakeholders through networking events, conferences and communication. The project will increase opportunities for young people and indigenous peoples to participate in the processes shaping the future of their region and to interact with each other and other key stakeholders. The project covers the Arctic and Barents region but does not operate in Russia.

The project will run three workshops for young people living in the Barents Region and three workshops for Saami youth in Finland, Sweden and Norway. A survey questionnaire will also be carried out for both groups. These will provide information on young people’s experiences, challenges and needs in relation to climate change, as well as their thoughts on the future of the Barents Region and their role in it. The project will also organize one workshop for all young people and other actors in the area.

The ACAF project will bring together researchers, young people and indigenous peoples from the Arctic and Barents region working on climate change adaptation to discuss the challenges and opportunities facing the region. To this end, the project organizes international events in conjunction with major Arctic conferences, specific networking events, a lecture series, participates in conferences and stakeholder meetings, facilitates the participation of young people in these events and actively communicates the project and its results to both scientific and non-scientific audiences. The project will also explore opportunities for further funding to support young people’s participation and involvement in climate change decision-making.