The project will organize seven workshops in total: three for Saami youth and three for other young people. The workshops will take place in Finland, Sweden and Norway. The workshops for Saami youth will take place in summer 2023 and for other young people in summer 2024. One joint workshop is organized, for example, in the context of the final seminar of the project and can also be attended remotely. The aim of the joint workshop is to bring together as many different perspectives as possible from young people across the Barents Region. Politicians, researchers and other representatives of different stakeholders are also invited.

The work package will design and produce workshops for WP3 and WP4. The workshops will be designed to provide participants with a good and safe environment, respectful of others, in which to express their ideas freely in their own language. The workshops will involve discussions in small groups and sharing of ideas among all participants. The Future Workshops are organized in cooperation with youth and indigenous partners.


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