Scientific knowledge

1) on the experiences, challenges and needs of indigenous people in the Barents region in relation to climate change. The results will also provide comparable information on the differences in the views of the Saami people in Sweden, Norway and Finland, and on the differences in the views of Saami youth compared to the views of the non-indigenous youth.

2) on the climate perceptions and future aspirations of young people in the Barents and Arctic regions. The result will be comparable data on differences in the views of young people living in different parts of the Arctic and Barents regions.

The results can be widely used in education, research, national and international programming and strategy work related to Saami people, youth and climate change adaptation. The project will provide important information for the work of the Finnish Climate Panel and the Saami Climate Council.

The research component will result in at least two draft scientific publications. These publications will be completed despite the end of the project period and will be published in international peer-reviewed scientific journals. Due to the length of the scientific peer review process, final publications are not promised within the project period, but the aim is to have publications published within the project period.

The results of the research will be presented to various stakeholders already during the project at national and international scientific conferences and topical seminars, at the project’s own events, as well as at the Arctic Council and the Barents Euro-Arctic Council events. The project will also seek to establish contacts and opportunities to present results to the Finnish Climate Panel and the future Saami Climate Council.

The results of the project will be published in a separate report with a summary in Swedish, Norwegian, English and North Saami, for example, in the Natural Resources Institute’s publication series.

Cooperation and networking between Arctic and Barents actors

ACAF will organize networking events (remote and live) where Arctic and Barents climate change adaptation researchers can discuss their work and find new international partners. The purpose of the network is to create new partnerships and learn from each other. Researchers from all backgrounds are invited to join the network, and young people, students and early-career researchers are also encouraged to participate.

Opportunities for participation

The future workshops for indigenous peoples and youth (WP5) will aim to gather research data (WP3 and WP4), bring participants together to reflect on common challenges and opportunities for the future, and bring participants into cooperation with various actors involved in adaptation and adaptation-related research. The ACAF project offers opportunities such as thesis work as part of a project team, support for starting your own research career and securing funding, and links with research institutions in different countries.

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