The work package will explore the views of young people living in the Arctic and Barents region on climate change and the future of the region.

The target group is young people aged 15-29 living in the Barents Region. Their views will be explored through a survey, which will be carried out in cooperation with TP3. The survey will be web-based. Workshops will also be organised for young people in the region in Finland, Sweden and Norway. The workshops will aim to deepen the knowledge gained from the survey. The themes of the workshops will be in line with those of the workshops for Sámi youth (see above). Youth-related data will be collected in cooperation with the Barents Regional Youth Council.

In this research component, we will incorporate youth into the WEF nexus framework, and in doing so will be able to evaluate climate change through a new and important empirical lens. By focusing specifically on youth, we will identify the potential impacts that climate change could have on WEF systems and the future livelihoods of youth and Indigenous youth. Through this analysis, we aim to support coordinated policy development for climate change planning, mitigation, and adaptation strategies that consider experiences and aspirations of Indigenous youth to achieve sustainable livelihoods and development.

The work package will result in a  draft scientific publication: the views of young people in the Barents region on climate change. The publication will combine, as far as possible, data from the workshops and the survey. The publication will be completed independently of the end of the project period and will be published in international peer-reviewed scientific journals. Due to the length of the scientific peer review process, final publications are not expected within the project period, but the aim is to have publications published within the project period. Once a publication has been accepted, it will be announced and communicated on social media.


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