The 4th webinar was organized with Russia on 25.5.2021. Nearly 30 persons had registered their participation in the event. The presentations in the event covered a wide array of topics related to Arctic climate change adaptation. Several ongoing research projects on Northern and Arctic livelihoods like reindeer herding, forestry, and tourism were introduced. We also learned about the impacts of climate change in the Murmansk Region and how these challenges are addressed e.g. in urban settings and in the mining industry. Moreover, we learned about how climate change and adaptation to it influence forest bioeconomy and oil and gas companies in Russia.


Opening of the event and Agenda of today
Technical instructions
Short introductions


  • Ilona Mettiäinen, Natural Resources Institute Finland: ACAF project
  • Henna Haapala, Ministry of the Environment, Finland: Barents cooperation on climate change
  • Pasi Rautio, Natural Resources Institute Finland: ArcticHubs project
  • Michael Yulkin, CarbonLab: Climate risks for oil and gas companies’ operation in the Arctic region
  • Georgy Safonov, Higher School of Economics: Forest bioeconomy and adaptation to climate change in the Russian North

Break 10 min

  • Eugene Borovichev, Kola Science Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences: Climate change based response of Arctic ecosystem: Murmansk Region examples
  • Sirpa Rasmus, Arctic Centre, University of Lapland: CLIMINI project
  • Vladimir Masloboev, Kola Science Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences: Climate Change Challenges for Mining Industry in the Arctic
  • Bruce Forbes, Arctic Centre, University of Lapland: Climate Adaptation Issues in Arctic Russia: Rain-on-Snow (CHARTER project)
  • Elena Klyuchnikova & Larisa Riabova, Kola Science Centre of the Russian Academy of Sciences: Social consequences of climate change in Russian Arctic cities: results of the study in the Murmansk Region
  • Vilena Valeeva, Johannes Gabriel & Kathrin Stephen, IASS Potsdam: Yamal 2040: Use of Strategic Foresight scenarios for regional adaptation (Blue-Action project)

Break 10 min
Breakout room discussions
Sharing the results
Closing the event and next steps


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