The 3rd webinar was with Canada and took place on 20.5.2021. Over 30 participants had registered their participation in the event. The presentation topics varied from agriculture and food security to forestry, as well as introductions of organizations that study climate adaptation.


Opening of the event and the agenda of today

Technical instructions

Introduction round


Break 10 min

  • Adrian Unc, Memorial University: Soils and Agriculture
  • Pasi Rautio and Seija Tuulentie, Natural Resources Institute Finland: ArcticHubs project
  • Maya Gislason, Simon Fraser University: Climate Change, Health Equity and Intergenerational Justice
  • Klemetti Näkkäläjärvi, University of Oulu: SAAMI – Adaptation of Saami people to climate change
  • Meaghan Wilton, University of Toronto: Adapting to a Warming Climate: Subarctic Gardening in Remote Indigenous Communities
  • Eranga Galappaththi, McGill University: Climate change and community fisheries in the Arctic: A case study from Pangnirtung, Canada

Break 10 min

Breakout room discussions

Sharing the results


Closing the event and next steps

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