The webinar with Sweden will take place on 27.5.2021

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Opening of the event and Agenda of today

Technical instructions

Introduction round


Break 10 minutes

  • Kirsi Mäkinen, Ministry of Forestry and Agriculture, Finland: Adaptation work in Finland
  • Carina Keskitalo, Umeå University: Adaptation work in Sweden
  • Seija Tuulentie and Pasi Rautio, Natural Resources Institute Finland, and Per Sandström, SLU: ArcticHubs project
  • Bärbel Müller-Karulis, University of Stockholm: ClimeFish project, Swedish case
  • Erik Melin Söderström, Peak Innovation: The Nordic Snow Cluster
  • Rainer Peltola, Natural Resources Institute Finland: Citizen science, bilberries and climate change
  • Tanja Joona, Arctic Centre, University of Lapland: JustNorth

Break 10 minutes

Breakout room discussions

Sharing the results


Closing the event and next steps


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