Arctic natural resources – solutions for resilience and food security

ACAF will participate to the 2021 Arctic Circle Assembly with a joint session together with ArcticHubs.

The assembly will be held on October 14-17 in Reykjavik, Iceland. Our session will be on October 14, at 18.30-19.30.

Increasing global competition for natural resources and the importance of food security pose major challenges to the Arctic region. The cleanliness and clean water resources in the Arctic enable the production of clean foods of a high quality. Opportunities pertaining to these must be utilized, and ways to develop the industries’ competitiveness must be found with other Arctic parties while promoting the sustainability of Arctic communities. On the other hand, nature-based industries in the Arctic must prepare for the future challenges brought on by climate change. The need to manage sustainability is shared by all parties active in the Arctic as the interest in the Arctic is increasing, and the changing climate simultaneously poses challenges for the management of weather and climate risks. Contributing to the arctic cooperation, the Natural Resources Institute Finland and the Finnish ACAF project together with H2020 project ArcticHubs will lead a session on Arctic natural resources – solutions for resilience and food security.

Climate change mitigation and adaptation to climate change are some key development challenges in the 21st century and they influence economy, food production and the sustainability, utilization and management of natural resources. These development challenges are changing operating methods throughout the world. The Arctic is particularly susceptible to the impact of climate change. Climate actions that utilize already existing climate resilience solutions and develop new tools and means to manage weather and climate risks are therefore especially urgent. All the challenges involving the Arctic are also global challenges and responding to them requires more extensive cross-sectoral cooperation.

Arctic natural resources – solutions for resilience and food security session will be an interactive panel discussion, where audience’s participation in the discussion is encouraged. Our aim is to bring forward these solutions, stimulate discussion and build cooperation between the different parties active in the Arctic.

Confirmed panelists:

Eva-Lisa Myntti, Grans Sameby, Sweden.

Seija Tuulentie, Research Professor, Natural Resources Institute Finland.

Anna Guðrún Edvardsdóttir, Researcher, PhD., Hólar University, Iceland.

Kamrul Hossain, Research Professor, University of Lapland – Arctic Centre, Finland.   

Panel moderator:

Jaana Sorvali, Research Scientist, Natural Resources Institute Finland.


More information on the Arctic Circle Assembly 2021 here:

Let’s meet in Reykjavik – the registration is open until October 1, 2021. 


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