The ACAF project started in a point in time, when all of us have to adjust to new ways of working. We had planned to meet with our steering group in person at Rovaniemi. We had an aim to get to know each other and our networks and discuss the priorities for the project. As it was not possible in person, we started the project via the internet.

The meeting was very successful –  at least there were no breaks to the internet connections.

As our project id focused on building international collaboration networks, it still remains to be seen how this can be achieved in these challenging times. There are many established conferences and meetings, where the Arctic community meets and where new collaboration is created. ACAF project was meant to be present in these gatherings to discuss collaboration in climate change adaptation and food security issues facing the Arctic.

How to proceed now? Do we wait for things to normalize? Or do we try to find new ways to meet, form close partnerships and collaboration?

I guess we do both. We go forward, even without meeting in person, but also hope to see each other very soon. Collaboration is based on trust and building trust via the internet, with however fast connections and fine equipment, does not equal to actual meetings.

As was decided in the first ACAF steering group meeting – let’s proceed, but let’s see each other in person, as soon as possible, at Rovaniemi!

On behalf of the ACAF team, Jaana Sorvali


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